Taylor & Fulton Packing, LLC
A 60+ Year Tradition of Quality Continues

Growing Since 1953
Growing and shipping premium tomatoes is tradition that goes back over 60 years at Taylor & Fulton. And while our growing and packing technology has improved, the company’s goal continues to be quality tomatoes for your produce section.

Steve McCue, Robert Elliott and Jim Grainger (Photo by Chip Carter)

Robert Elliott, head salesman for Palmetto, FL-based Taylor & Fulton Packing LLC, knows a thing or two about tomatoes. Before joining the company, Robert spent more than 30 years selling tomatoes for some of the industry’s best-known names.

Salesman Steve McCue comes to Taylor & Fulton after a decade working with his father in Cincinnati, then at J&J Produce in Atlanta. “I’ve been in produce my whole life,” Mr. McCue said. “I was packing tomatoes when I was a kid, I was a repack manager, and I’ve bought and sold.”

Retailer Packs
Taylor & Fulton offers two top-of-the-line packs for retailers. The pan-a-pak tray is a single-layer carton designed to deliver vine-ripe tomatoes, complete with stems, to your display in excellent condition. We also offer a two-layer box for our premium tomatoes.

Still Growing Strong
From a joint venture begun by friends over 60 years ago, Taylor & Fulton has grown to become one of America's premier suppliers of premium quality tomatoes and other fine produce. Founded in 1953 by Jack Taylor and his good friend Pete Fulton, Taylor & Fulton now has more than 1,000 employees growing, packing and shipping tomatoes.

Today, under the direction of owners Brian Turner and Jim Grainger, the tradition of premium quality tomatoes and premium quality customer service continues.

Premium quality one tomato at a time

1953 - Founders Jack Taylor and Pete Fulton

Some of the fine people who bring you Taylor & Fulton Tomatoes